Consumerization of User Experience

Consumerization of User Experience

User Experience is the overall experience of a person interacting with a product or service, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

The way people work, consume content and experience technology to get things done is changing at a rapid pace and consumer focused companies (Amazon, EBay, Twitter, Facebook) have predefined the standard requirements for usability in an era where technological interaction is now a frequent, daily norm for many of us.

Enterprise software performs most core business functions very well. It provides a company, visibility into inventories, manages customer order flow, automates corporate bookkeeping and financial reporting, and it keeps supply chain operations running smoothly. But enterprise software gets a bad reputation for not being particularly user-friendly. Densely packed interfaces, non-intuitive workflows, and the need for users to navigate endless screens to complete transactions result in confusion and frustration.

The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer. Next comes simplicity and elegance that a product or service interaction produce that are joy to own, joy to use. True user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they say they want, or providing checklist features. Inherited from the consumer apps experience following is few expectations of end users from enterprise software –

  • Make simple things simple
  • Don’t get in my way
  • Don’t waste my time
  • Know what I am doing
  • Allow personalization

Some companies dismisses the value proposition of giving users the same intuitive experience with enterprise software that they enjoy with consumer applications. In the software experience vs. function debate, these companies give more preference to ‘function’.

SAP being leader in enterprise technology has recently placed itself at the forefront as there is a growing expectation and demand in the workplace for consumer-friendly experiences when using technology to accomplish tasks.

SAP User Experience - Simple, Personalized& Intuitive

SAP User Experience – Simple, Personalized& Intuitive

SAP is using NEW – RENEW – ENABLE strategy to deliver consumer grade user experience to their enterprise software

NEW: With this part SAP is designing all new enterprise solutions with consumer grade user experience. Few examples are – SAP Cloud for sales, SAP Cloud for customer, SAP customer financial fact sheet, Visual business etc.

Tools & Technologies: Fiori, Netweaver business client, Floor plan manager etc..

RENEW: Philosophy here is to ‘Renew most widely used top scenarios with consumer grade user experience’ by following design principles

Role Based:    A task based experience

Responsive:    All sizes, devices

Simple:        1 user, 1 use case, 3 screens

Coherent:    Apps that speaks the same language

Instant Value:    Low barrier to adoption

Tools & Technologies: Fiori, Netweaver business client, Side Panel, Floor Plan Manager etc…

ENABLE: To address customer specific needs, SAP provides a set of tools and technologies that enables customers and partners to quickly simplify and enhance the overall UX of existing solutions to improve specific value scenario.

Tools & Technologies: SAP Screen Personas, SAPUI5 application development tools, Theme designer, Floor plan manager, NWBC & Side panel

To fully benefit from SAP’s UX strategy, each customer should also create their own UX strategy considering their business and IT goals as well as what SAP is doing today and future roadmaps. Bringing in experienced and skilled designers who understands the need of specific use cases and apply right set of tools and technologies to deliver the expected user experience is the key. The ultimate expression of increased sensibility towards user experience in enterprise software is to realize the UX value propositions and develop an internal UX center of excellence


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  1. The second option is to have one experience for both kinds of users, which is noble and elegant in theory, but horribly flawed in reality. Implementing IT protocols with user workflow tends to overload the employee, and the software loses any simplicity it might have had.

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