01 May 2015

Upgrades and Enhancement Developments / Production support

ECC6.0 Upgrade from 4.7, SCM 7.01 Upgrade from SCM5.0, SAP Business One 8.81 upgrade from SBO2005

SAP Business One Add-on to receive EDI 850 ( Sales Order), EDI 830 ( Forecast) and EDI 862 ( Kanban ) and automatically update  Business One  , Generation of  advance ship notice from SBO to generate EDI 856

Development and Implementation of Operational Inventory accuracy functionality  with complete Physical Inventory / Cycle Counting / Audit Sampling processes and reporting for large enterprise integrating with Standard SAP Physical inventory process

Development and Implementation of flexible  planning/ order promising  using SCM APO DP/SNP and Global ATP with option to maintain flexible quantities at Finished products level to account for variation in forecasting

SCM EWM interface development  to Legacy Conveyer and Automated warehousing system

SCM EWM interface development to legacy Planning and Distribution system

SAP ECC interface development to receive planning data from Legacy systems and  send Procurement data back to Legacy system

SAP ECC/EWM interface development  to send back Handling unit information