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Unlock your true innovation potential to design better products, boost manufacturing efficiency & deliver the highest value to your customers by levering GBSI’s Engineering service offerings.

GBSI’s full spectrum engineering service offerings help you optimize your engineering efficiency to achieve an edge over your competition. From product design and development, manufacturing & layout design to machining support and product visualization, we offer end to end engineering expertise to help you with your goals and challenges.

GBSI EngineeringServices

Product Design & Development Services

Concept Design

Concept designing of different parts and assemblies

VDRA (Virtual design Review Audit)

To ensure basic assembly workability the eight basic production requirements needs to be checked at the design stage.

  • Tool Space
  • Hand Space
  • Installation Space
  • Locating Structure
  • Temporary Hold
  • Visibility
  • Accessibility
  • Design Clearance

Design for Manufacturability Validation

Our team of experts analyze the given requirements against the selected concept and makes sure that the design is viable to proceed for manufacturing.

Detailed Design

  • Execution of detail design using CAD tools
  • Virtual simulation using CAE tools
  • Optimization of design based on DFMEA report to enhance reliability.
GBSI Engineering Solutions - Product Design
Process Design & Development Services

Assembly Process Planning Support

  • Virtual Assembly Sequencing (MBOM creation)
  • Virtual Assembly feasibility study for all assembly operations
  • Ergonomic analysis for critical assembly operations
  • Visual Aids for assembly operations
  • Assembly process simulation
  • Setting up Time Standards
  • Operator Body travel analysis
  • Process Optimization

Welding Process Planning Support

  • Define part loading sequence.
  • Define welding sequence.
  • Weld Feasibility study for all welding operations.
  • Visual Aids for welding operations.
  • Welding process simulation.
  • Setting up Time Standards.
  • 3D weld creation on elements.
GBSI Engineering Process
Layout Design & Optimization

3D Factory Build

Build factory in 3D environment, reflecting distinctive elements existing on the shop floor for the purpose of evaluation of production processes, basic ergonomics and throughput prior to production. The scope of digital factory is to provide an interactive, graphical-based discrete event simulation environment for development, experimentation, analysis and optimization of design and manufacturing processes in a digital (virtual) environment prior to production.

Material Flow Analysis

  • Find bottlenecks in material flow pattern
  • Minimize unnecessary travel and waiting time
  • Suggest customized material handling equipment designs
  • Suggest customized material storage device designs
  • Create material staging and replenishment strategy
  • Create material staging presentation
  • Operator body travel analysis with spaghetti diagram for all material Handling activities

Discrete Event Simulation Analysis

A simulation study can help in understanding how the system operates and it study is employed so that all “What if” questions can be answered

  • Create a simulation model of existing setup
  • Include all parameters for machines, material handling equipments, operators, parts etc in simulation model
  • Run the simulation and analyze utilization of all resources
  • Identify the bottle necks
  • Create alternate models, run the simulation, record output and changes in layout to analyze Flow Time, Bottlenecks, Throughput, Capacity Utilization, Resource Utilization, Forecast Demand Capacity etc.

Layout Optimization

Update the 3D layout by rearranging equipment and devices as per the findings from the simulation model & Man, Material and Equipment Flow analysis

Create in a virtual environment, the best optimized layout with 5S concept considering minimal Man & Material movement

GBSI Engineering Solutions
Fabrication Process Support

Profile Nesting

Minimize scrap produced during cutting, using GBSI’s nesting software expertise.

Achieve maximum material utilization & minimum cutting time by optimizing the idle gun travel from one part to another part & exact dimensions of cut profiles to enhance your manufacturing efficiency

Laser Cutting Programming

Generate NC or CNC code program for laser cutting for a particular nesting layout to achieve quick gauge design & detailing for fabricated parts.

Visualize the complete cutting process beforehand and check the finished part virtually to predict operational challenges & save time and cost by achieving results the first pass

Press Brake Programming/ Bend Programming

Generate NC or CNC code program for bending machines.

Use process & software expertise to generate the required bending instructions in any machine specific language and then simulate the program in 3D environment to observe how the bending takes place to check finished parts after completion of the bending operation

Visual aids for bend programming

Visual aids for bending operation consist of visual work instructions in MS PowerPoint or Ms Excel displaying picture of the sheet metal part, instructions for bending and punching with dimension and angles , any special instructions etc. By referring to these visuals, the programmer can generate a program as required and check the finished part virtually as per the dimensions and features given in the visual aids

Quick Check Gauge Design and detailing

Every fabricated part is manufactured in a large quantity and has different profiles. In order to check the accuracy for important features like bend angle, length, punch hole dimension and position of holes on part  it is required to design a handy gauge which can be easily align on the finished part with the reference surface or edges and all the important features can be checked with the gauge as required. We can design quick gauges for fabricated parts like bend parts, punched parts etc.

Machining Process Support

Tool Path Generation

Tool Path generation is the process of generating tool movement  to form a required part from 3D model of the part. With the 3D model as an input and all required parameters set in the software, a tool motion will be generated to remove raw material from the job to form the shape and size of the model. Once tool path is generated. we can actually see how the tool moves and how the material removal takes place to form the final part.

NC/CNC Programming

In NC programming, instructions for tool and job movement will be generated using G code and M codes. Once tool path is generated and simulated then the tool movement will be converted into a G code program and then required codes for some required miscellaneous activities like coolant ON/OFF, tool change, speed, feed control etc will be added in the program. This program will be then fed directly to the CNC machine.Once job setting is done, the machine will move the tool and job as per the tool path, perform all miscellaneous activities as per program and create the finished part as required

Process Stage drawing Creation

Process stage drawing is the creation of part drawing’s at different stages of machining. The drawing shows how the finished part looks after each machining stage is performed with detail dimensioning.  It has different drawing sheets, for example, the lathe stage, then a broached part stage, then a milled stage.This drawing is used for creating the tool path and NC program in machining software and also used for checking the part after different machining stages

Mechanical Design

Jig and Fixture Design

Creating a concept design of the fixture as per part design and manufacturing process by taking ergonomics in consideration

  • Welding Fixture Design
  • Assembly Fixture Design
  • Lifting Fixture Design
  • Machining Fixture Design
  • Checking Fixture design

2d to 3d Modeling & Detailing

3D modeling of objects and creating a detail manufacturing drawing from the available inputs

Material Handling System Design

3D designing of different carts, trolleys, movable containers etc as per the part shape, sizes weight and required quantity to be carried

3D modeling of objects and creating a detail manufacturing drawing from the available inputs

Tool Design

Designing of Die and Punch for specific operation based on final product profile for:

  • Sheet Metal Products
  • Plastic Products
  • Casting Products

Modeling by Reverse Engineering

Modeling of objects with the help of rough inputs like hand sketches, dimensions marked on pictures, incomplete part drawings.

Part Containerization & Packaging Assistance

Designing part containers as per the part shape, size, weight and target quantity. Also preparing Material placement representation for different parts by selecting appropriate containers as per the part shape, weight and  target quantity and providing the specifications and visual aids

Product Design

3d modeling of different product from given inputs like scan data, concept drawing, rough drawing etc.

  • Sheet Metal Products
  • Plastic Products
  • Casting Products
  • Machining Product
  • Assembly Products

Product Visualization

We provide technical documentation services for creating the following:

  • Instruction Manuals
  • Service Parts eCatalogues
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Dis-assembly Instructions
  • 3D Animation & Rendering
  • Product Visualization
  • Product Rendering
  • Product Simulation
  • Custom 3D Animation
  • Custom 3D Modeling
Robotics & Automation

Robotic Simulation & Offline Programming

  • Work Cell Design
  • Concept design for fixture in simulation software
  • Gun selection depending on position of weld points
  • Robot positioning and reach ability as per rough layout
  • Robot path at process points only
  • Iteration in the fixture design as per robot path at process points
  • Positioning and concept design of other equipments in the work cell like griper, racks, trolleys etc
  • Robot path at process points for these equipments
  • Iteration in the design of these equipments as per robot path at process points
  • Modification in the positioning of fixture and other equipments as per robot path at process points
  • Complete clash free robot process, handling and service path with via points
  • Complete robotic simulation with robot specific controller (RRS Controller)
  • Robot off line programming with robot specific controller
  • Calibration with actual robotic system.
  • Robot teaching.

Robotic System Design, Installation & Commissioning for required application

  • Welding Operation
  • Material Handling
  • Machine Tending
  • Painting
  • Any Customized requirement

The strength of the component is a key requirement in understanding product performance, lifecycle and possible failure modes. We ensure your product viability and safety by predicting the strength required for the loads your design will experience in service.

We evaluate your product design using below CAE tools and techniques.

  • Meshing
  • Structural Analysis
    • Linear Static Analysis
    • Linear Dynamic Analysis
    • Non Linear Static Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
    • Fatigue Analysis
    • Heat Transfer Analysis
    • Shape Optimization
  • Virtual Validations
  • Products Simulation

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EngineeringDesign Examples

GBSI Engineering Outsourcing Services

Why Outsource Engineering?

Reports as well as current industry trends are a proof that US Manufacturers are facing a very big threat to their progress- the Manufacturing Skills Gap. On one hand the US manufacturers are planning to increase manufacturing over the coming years, while on the other hand, the availability of highly skilled resources is decreasing dramatically.

According to a recent study, it is being speculated that over the next decade,   nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed, and 2 million are expected to go unfilled due to the skills gap.

With a lack of key skilled employees in the manufacturing and production workforce, the manufacturers risk losing productivity, efficiency and, eventually, profitability.


The golden solution to tackle this Omni prevalent skills gap issue ?

  • Identify the core and noncore aspects of manufacturing & design process
  • Outsource the noncore aspects to a lower cost country with high availability & low cost
  • Partner with a sourcing expert with past experience in sourcing and recruiting to develop a strategy to attract and recruit the best talent in market with lowest turnaround and lowest cost.

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Skills Shortage Affects the Following Key Metrics

Overtime Cost
Production Cycle Time
Production Down Time
Lead & Delivery Time

By outsourcing the repetitive, low importance noncore tasks you can manage to:

  • Reduce your workload
  •  Reduce overall US based workforce required
  • Cut costs on recruiting
  • Reduce the ever increasing US healthcare costs involved

GBSI Engineering Services Offering:

GBSI provides industry best services for manufacturing companies in the verticals of assembly, tool fixtures design, material handling, machining, fabrication & welding within manufacturing to help streamline their manufacturing processes, cut costs & deliver better products faster to their customers.

Our Engineering services consist of creation of the following manufacturing documents:

GBSI ESO Services
  • Sequence of Events (SOE)
  • Graphical Sequence of Events
  • Operator Method Sheets
  • AMES View Creation
  • Assembly Animation
  • Factory Layout and Factory flow
  • Ergo Analysis
  • Engineering Change Management (ECM)
  • Material handling documents
  • Reverse Engineering Analysis
  • Rack Design
  • Welding Fixture Design
  • Assembly Fixture Design
  • Process Stage Drawing
  • NC OL Programming
  • Machining SOE
  • Laser Programming
  • Laser Nesting
  • Press Brake Programming
  • Fabrication & Welding OMS
  • Welding SOE

Jig and Fixture Design

Contrary to obvious reasons, the primary driver for outsourcing engineering services is not just the cost. While manufacturers will be able to take advantage of outsourcing at a lower cost, the priority is to bypass the prevalent & increasing skills gap crisis, maintain flexibility by outsourcing noncore tasks offshore and augment engineering skills to realize shorter and faster product lifecycles & attain an edge over the competition.

Why Choose GBSI for Engineering Services Outsourcing?

GBSI India head office is located in Pune, India which is known as ‘Oxford of the East.’

We believe we can provide the best value to you through the off-shoring model through its India Head Office.

India’s largest asset in Engineering Services Outsourcing growth potential lies within its people. India has the largest amount of engineering graduates with the appropriate skillsets compared to all other emerging, low-cost countries for ESO.

This reverses the scenario from US (High cost – low availability) to India (Low cost – High availability) & GBSI can help you gain the leverage through its ESO services.

Following are some criteria that stand out for evaluating GBSI as a suitable engineering outsourcing service provider among others.

  1. Availability of customizable engagement models with scalability to offer flexibility to manage sudden spikes
  2. Availability of a global delivery model for better communication and ease of operation
  3. Access to large pool of appropriate skills
  4. A process driven approach to outsourcing
  5. The ability to drive SLA based engagements

GBSI Engineering Outsourcing Services

Offshore Location - India for ESO

RFP / RFIInquiries ?

Please fill in the short contact form below & the GBSI team shall reach out to you and provide any required documentation and details required for the RFP / RFI process for your Engineering Services Outsourcing needs.