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Optimize your Warehousing Strategy & Simplify your complex Logistics to take your Business to a new level using Genius BSI’s SAP EWM Services.

Be it SAP EWM Implementation, Support, Upgrade or Training – GBSI has it all covered. With multiple SAP EWM implementation and support projects at our esteemed Fortune 500 & Fortune 100 clients, our understanding of the SAP Extended Warehouse Management Solution transcends the market. We empower you with the SAP industry best practices and common pitfalls to avoid, helping you unlock the most value out of your SAP WMS.

Genius Business Solutions SAP EWM Services

GBSI’s SAP EWM Implementation Services

According to current ERP market statistics, only 57% of the customers implementing ERP solutions consider their ERP implementation as a success, with 7% considering it a complete failure. We believe this happens because a majority of organizations do not have the internal resources necessary for achieving ERP success. When organizations don’t hire an experienced third party with niche expertise in required domain, they limit their level of benefits realization and reduce their potential ROI.

GBSI’s approach to SAP EWM implementation is developed over years of consulting and development projects in warehousing & logistics domain as well a deep understanding of the solution & its industry best practices.

With Genius BSI’s Implementation Services, you get:

  • SAP EWM Rapid Deployment Solution extended with GBSI EWM expertise to swiftly get your warehouse up and running.
  • EWM Process simplification for warehouse workers keeping all complexities at warehouse supervisor level to simplify operations and reduce training.
  • Use of RF framework & UI5 to improve warehouse productivity
  • Expertise in slotting, dynamic routing for inbound and outbound based on process attributes using SAP EWM process oriented storage control
  • Expertise in warehouse wave scheduling, route determination, pick trip building (warehouse order creation), transportation scheduling & yard management
  • Expertise in complex processes such as cross docking, push deployment, pick from goods receipt (PFGR), kitting, customer & vendor returns and discrepancy handling
  • Integration with Material Flow Systems such as conveyers and ASRS
GBSI's SAP EWM Implementation Services

GBSI’s Prototype (POC) Development Service for SAP EWM

Take advantage of GBSI’s POC services, if you already have an in-house EWM team & need niche expertise to build a proof of concept (POC) for any specific warehousing process in your SAP EWM solution. We can build the POC in your system so you can see the process working in your environment and have access to all the work for future reference. If you don’t have your system, no worries, we can build the prototype in our demo system.

  • POC delivered by process such as :

    • Multistep Inbound process such as  unloading, receiving, quality inspection, deconsolidation, packing and storage trips
    • Multistep Outbound process such as wave management, Pick trip building, picking, packing, staging, loading and shipping
    • Labor Management including creation of labor standards and planned and actual workload comparison
    • Slotting to identify optimal storage spot for fast moving and slow moving materials and rearrangement of materials based on slotting results
    • Integration with Material Flow Systems such as conveyers and ASRS
    • Cross-Docking scenarios such as pick from goods receipt (PFGR), push deployment
    • SAP EWM integrated with SAP Service Parts Management (SPM) environment including integration with SPP, CRM and gATP.
    • Value Added Services to enable value added operations in warehouse such as packaging and Kitting
    • Yard Management to have better traceability and scheduling of transportation units in yard.

All POC’s come with configuration and process documentation

GBSI's Proof of concept (POC) development services for SAP EWM

GBSI’s SAP EWM Upgrade Services

GBSI can help you efficiently plan and execute a successful upgrade to the latest release of SAP Extended Warehouse Management version – so you can take advantage of the new functionalities and capabilities right away.

  • Extensive experience of successful SAP EWM  upgrade projects in an array of industry domains
  • Use of regression testing
  • Use of RF framework & UI5 to improve warehouse productivity
  • Expertise in identifying OSS notes relevant for your release by each process reducing troubleshooting and support time
GBSI SAP EWM Upgrade Services

GBSI’s SAP EWM Training Services

Our years & years worth of project work specifically in the Logistics and distribution domain & the SAP Extended Warehouse Management solution makes us the most trusted choice for ensuring optimum SAP EWM training throughout your organization. Genius Business Solutions offers instructor led online as well as onsite SAP EWM training for maximum customer flexibility.

Our SAP EWM Training Includes:

  • Functional and Technical training
  • Based on customer specific requirements whenever needed
  • Smaller group training to focus on specific functional areas

Our SAP EWM training covers the following important warehouse processes:

  • Inbound Processing
  • Quality Inspections Processing
  • Yard Management

  • Slotting
  • PPF Scenarios / Warehouse Monitor
  • Serialization
  • Work Center Processing
  • RF/Mobile Framework
  • Wave Planning and Optimization
  • Quantity/Dimension Based Picking
  • Outbound Processing
  • Quantitative/Dimension Based Receiving

GBSI’s SAP EWM Support Services

What we have seen in the market, one of the common misunderstandings regarding the SAP Extended Warehouse Management Solution is considering that it is just another SAP module, which often leads to incorrect planning of resources for implementation, cutover and Golive activities. SAP EWM is a highly efficient yet a highly intricate solution, often requiring seasoned warehouse & distribution domain expertise accompanied by an in-depth technical & functional knowledge of the solution. We can help ensure maximum returns on your SAP EWM implementation by helping you achieve smooth operation of day to day processes combined with process enhancements using continuous improvement.

  • GBSI support approach is to manage SAP EWM production issues in a consistent manner, proactively, so that issues can be resolved in the least possible time by minimizing impact on your crucial warehouse operations.
  • Incident Management: Activities undertakensupport to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible while minimizing adverse impact on business operations.
  • Problem Management: Activities undertaken to minimize the adverse impact on the business due to the problems that are caused by errors within IT applications and to prevent recurrence of incidents related to these errors
  • GBSI Approach to Production Support is more proactive than reactive. Production support resources will be proactively monitoring the system to identify potential issues BEFORE they become problems.

GBSI resources focus on analyzing recurring problems to get to their root cause. Resources work closely with the SME group to ensure knowledge sharing of problem resolutions and root cause analysis.

GBSI - SAP EWM Support
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  • GBSI consultants have taken the time and made the effort to really understand our business & our large scale distribution warehouse strategy.   They have gained a very solid understanding of the requirements of our business.  I have found them very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with..

  • The biggest differentiator I have noticed between the consultants from GBSI and other consultants is the way they have been integrated into our SAP environment and invested  time in understanding our unique warehouse &  business processes and requirements..

  • I enjoy working with GBSI  team. They are very professional, have a great understanding of the SAP EWM Solution as well as our processes and are always looking for a quality system solution for the business problems.

  • GBSI has gone above my expectations in delivering quality solutions, maintaining our internal EWM resources & providing support..

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