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Stay at the top of your game – with industry-specific solutions for your small business with SAP Business One

When all your critical business operations are working together effectively, your business is focused and moving full steam ahead. The SAP Business One application truly integrates customer and vendor management — including sales, finance, manufacturing, Web-based access, robust e-commerce, campaign and prospect management, and inventory — so that everyone in your company is on the same page and you have a clear, 360-degree view of your business. Because it’s from SAP, you know you can count on SAP Business One as you become a pacesetter for growth.

More than 11,000 companies of your size worldwide have purchased SAP Business One within the last three years

Genius Business Solutions helps Small and Midsize Businesses Get the Big Picture with SAP® Business One.



Business Management Software Designed to Meet the Changing Needs of Small Business.

SAP® Business One is surprisingly affordable, especially considering all that it delivers:

  • Provides one true, unified picture of your business
  • Grows with your business
  • Enables compliance in regulated environments
  • Puts decision makers in charge with access to up-to-the minute data
  • Is Affordable and offers low total cost of ownership

Feature highlights include:

  • Embedded sales-force automation (such as customer relationship management).
  • Real-time, workflow-based alerts that help users take action and manage by exception.
  • Easy to learn, easy to use and fully integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Fast, easy, drag-and-drop reporting with a familiar Microsoft Excel interface.
  • Flexible, powerful, and adaptable architecture to meet the specific needs of your business and industry.
  • Comprehensive, fully integrated e-commerce.
  • Web-based marketing campaign management prospecting.


The methodology has been designed to serve as a guideline for the system setup and implementation process. It includes the SAP Business One Implementation Guide and a set of templates, checklists, tools, and other supporting information that divide the implementation process into five phases. Each phase breaks down the relevant tasks that have to be completed, and suggests roles, responsibilities, and time frames required to successfully complete the implementation.


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We at Genius BSI do not stop at just be providing good solutions. We back these solutions by ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure scalability of the solutions with the future growth of the company.

We provide efficient, reliable and professional support for our solutions backed by SAP’s global infrastructure and 30 years of industry experience. This Production support includes free upgrade versions of the software with newer functionality available for our customers.


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We have domain expertise for wholesale and distribution industry. We have business management solution tailored specific to your industry based on following trends. Wholesalers and Distributors are looking for better ways to effectively collaborate with suppliers and retailers to achieve better forecast accuracy and Inventory visibility across the supply chain. They are looking for effectively controlling Order-to-cash process to increase the profitability. They are looking for cost effective ways of providing value added services and reducing inventory obsolescence. They are forced to manage Inventory effectively as Customers and Suppliers expect distributors to take a more active role in managing inventory levels and replenishing stock. They are looking for using better technology such as mobile devices and RFID to increase productivity.

Food & Beverage


We have domain expertise for Food and Beverage industry. We have business management solution tailored specific to your industry based on following trends.

  • Food and beverage manufacturers are forced by big retailers to reduce prices. This is forcing them to significantly reduce operating costs –including the cost of regulatory compliance.
  • They also are looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of new product introductions and increase their ability to respond quickly to shifting customer demands.
  • Due to limited visibility across the supply chain, F&B Companies are looking for complete business-process visibility and access to data needed to make critical decisions quickly.
  • Food and beverage safety has become a hot topic with the rise of food and beverage recalls and threats of deadly diseases. U.S. companies must comply with the Bioterrorism Act, among other requirements, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.



Retailers are looking for alternative sales channels which are convenient to customers since foot traffic in stores is declining.

They want to attack the inefficiencies in their supply chains by changing processes to meet customer demand. This is in contrast to pushing products into stores, which may not be in demand by customers, resulting in higher markdowns and lower revenue per square foot of retail space.

They are looking for effective planning of promotions and in-store product assortment to reduce lost sales due to out of stock situation.

They are looking for better control of and visibility into overall business data from stores, vendors, customers, and merchandise

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Maintain business momentum anytime, anywhere with easy mobile access to your ERP system. Find out how the SAP Business One mobile app for iPhone and iPad can connect your on-the-go employees with the information and processes they need most – for dramatically higher productivity



How can your small business achieve real-time reporting and analytics – for instant insights, faster responsiveness, and a sharper competitive edge? With SAP Business One analytics powered by SAP HANA. Watch a quick demo to see how this lightning-quick in-memory solution works


See how SAP Business One can provide your employees with actionable insights across financials, operations, product lines, customer orders, and more – for faster, data-driven decision making at every level of your enterprise.

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