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Are you looking for streamlining your entire service parts management (SPM) process with the best of breed software along with an implementation partner having the right service parts domain expertise?

Take advantage of our Service parts domain expertise to implement the right solution for your business that will help you maximize your service parts fill rate at reduced inventory cost. Get an edge over your competition by not just offering Service parts but performance based services. Contact our experts to know more

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PTC Service Management Software - SLM

PTC SLM solutions allow you to make smarter decisions by analyzing service and product data in real-time, and differentiating your service offering by improving and expediting the way you service products. Whether you’re looking to solve a specific service business challenge, or you’re ready to redefine the way your organization delivers service, PTC SLM solution has the unique capabilities to support your strategic initiatives as your business grows.. The result is improved customer loyalty and brand reputation, lower total cost to serve and increased revenue streams.
PTC SLM includes Service Parts Management, Service & Part Information Management & Connected Apps with IoT platform for enhanced service capabilities.

SAP SPM Software

SAP Service Parts Management (SPM) solution is extensive end to end solution to get a complete control of your service parts business ranging from Service parts Planning, Warehousing, Fulfillment, Collaboration, and Analytics. SPM solution helps you link your entire service value chain for better visibility, coordination, collaboration, and control of the service parts network.
Integrated SPM solution includes tightly integrated SAP components such as CRM, SCM-SPP, SCM-gATP, SCM-EWM, ECC, SNC and additionally supported by GTS, EP, BI and PI.

Lets sit down to discuss your Service parts strategy and create the action plan to achieve the business goals in your service journey.

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GBSI's SPMServices Offered

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GBSI ‘s SLM Licencing Services

Genius Business Solutions is a proud partner of  PTC  for the SLM Suite including the entire fleet of Service Parts Management and Service Lifecycle Management solutions.

Over 12 years of industry experience spanning hundreds of supply chain management & logistics projects and implementations, Genius Business Solutions has developed a strong expertise in the Service Parts Management as well as Warehousing & Distribution domain.

The strong domain expertise powered with PTC partnership enables us  to empower our clients with the best in market Service Parts and Service Management solutions.

Contact us for Licencing services for PTC SLM suite along with other value added services.


GBSI’s SPM Software Implementation Services

According to current ERP market statistics, only 57% of the customers implementing ERP solutions consider their ERP implementation as a success, with 7% considering it a complete failure. We believe this happens because a majority of organizations do not have the internal resources necessary for achieving ERP success. When organizations don’t hire an experienced third party with niche expertise in required domain, they limit their level of benefits realization and reduce their potential ROI.

GBSI’s approach to SAP SPM and PTC SLM  implementation is developed over years of consulting and development projects in Service parts  domain as well a deep understanding of the solution & its industry best practices.

With Genius BSI’s Implementation Services, you get:

  • SAP SPM Rapid Deployment Solution extended with GBSI SPM expertise to swiftly get your entire SPM solution up and running including  CRM, SCM-gATP, SCM-SPP, SCM-EWM as core components tightly integrated with SAP ECC.
  • PTC Servigistics and connected Service Parts Management using IOT Implementation services
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GBSI POC Development Services

Take advantage of GBSI’s POC services, if you already have an in-house SPM team & need niche expertise to build a proof of concept (POC) for any specific SPM process in your SAP SPM  or PTC SLM  solutions. We can build the POC in your system so you can see the process working in your environment and have access to all the work for future reference. If you don’t have your system, no worries, we can build the prototype in our demo system.

  • POC delivered by process such as :
    • Service Parts Ordering
    • Service parts Planning, forecasting and Procurement
    • Service parts warehousing
    • Service parts Order Fulfillment and transportation optimization
    • Service Parts Analytics
    • Service Parts collaboration with business partners
  • All POC’s come with configuration and process documentation.
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Need to Evaluate the Aftersales Business Strategy for your Organization ?

When considering an investment in SPP technology, IDC Manufacturing Insights recommends that in addition to due diligence on industry-specific capabilities and customer references, manufacturers probe on a vendor’s vision and investment plans for enabling more predictive service processes along with plans for leveraging 3rd Platform technologies.

Read along to find key insights and considerations for Implementing SPP in your organization.


PTC Service Management – SLM Solution Brochure

Increase Parts Availability and Reduce Inventory Costs Using PTC SLM Solution

In order to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of delivering world class service, service organizations must overcome a variety of multifaceted challenges including compound part relations, difficult to predict demand, multiple sources of supply and complex supply chain flow.

These organizations require an optimal supply of spare parts to provide the highest levels of equipment availability with the least amount of parts-related disruption. The PTC Service Management- SLM solution is designed specifically to address the challenges and opportunities of global service supply chains, enabling global service operations to fully
realize their potential and deliver world class customer service while reducing costs.

Are you striving to:

  • Reduce excess inventory without compromising service levels?
  • Diagnose and solve problems before the customer is aware of them?
  • Deliver configuration-specific, graphically-supplemented service information across the service ecosystem?

Choose PTC’s SaaS based Service Management Software -SLM for optimized inventory  management, enhanced visibility throughout your service organization & provide outstanding service offerings to enhance customer loyalty.

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GBSI Blogpost: SAP SPP – Service Parts Planning Simplified

What is service parts planning?

SAP Service Parts planning is a module in SAP SCM where it provides functions specific to spare parts and transparency throughout the supply chain, right from the moment demand occurs through to the delivery of the product.

Service Parts requires special forecasting methods for sporadic demand. Demand Forecasting for service parts is very difficult to predict on. SPP provides various forecast models.

Planning for service parts takes place in distribution structures (abbreviation: BOD – bill of distribution), which contain all of our locations in as network. Locations can be, for example, distribution centers, contract packagers, or our customers and dealers. Alongside the current BOD, we can also work with future BODs. This means that we can define a specific time in the future when current BOD will be replaced by new BOD. The system takes this future BOD into account for planning.

SPP considers the characteristics of each product during planning. It takes into account, for example, the locations at which you most need a certain product, whether a product is fast-moving or slow-moving, and the sales behavior of a product. Depending on these properties, we can decide for each product whether we want to perform period-based service parts planning based on the forecast or whether we would rather plan your service parts based on a reorder point. If we use period-based planning, SPP generates the forecast for a product either on the basis of past sales history or on the basis of leading indicators.

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