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Following are our domain’s of Expertise :

Application Integration



Today’s competitive world seamless integration of best of the breed applications is a necessity. Genius BSI has expertise in integration of the applications within the organization and applications between suppliers and customers across the supply chain.

Following is the sample list of our areas of expertise.

  • SAP Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • SAP XI SAP Standard techniques, such as BAPI, ALE, LSMW, and Business Connector Industry-wide formats, such as XML and Web
  • Services Non-SAP techniques using Middleware components, such as EDI, Mercator.

User Experience

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The way people work, consume content and experience technology to get things done is changing at a rapid pace and consumer focused companies (Amazon, EBay, Twitter, Facebook) have predefined the standard requirements for usability in an era where technological interaction is now a frequent, daily norm for many of us.

However, enterprise technology has proved very successful in providing a means for integrated businesses functionality, its focus on complex, process driven solutions to everyday business problems has been reflected in its overall interface design. But User dynamics & human interaction with SAP enterprise technology has recently placed itself at the forefront and there is a growing expectation and demand in the workplace for consumer-friendly experiences when using technology to accomplish tasks.

Our SAP UI/UX advisory service is based on our extensive UX experience. We provide services for SAP User Experience (UX) Transformation Platform that lets you quickly take advantage of SAP user experience technologies like Web Dynpro, Floor Plan Manager, SAPUI5, Fiori apps and SAP Screen Personas to optimize your business operations.

As part of our user experience services portfolio, our innovative approach – co-innovation framework, where we invite you to bring your business needs to our UX center of Excellence (CoE). The framework aims to generate ideas, calculate their business value and define the way how those ideas can be efficiently delivered. We believe that intensive co-operation with your business leads to the most valuable SAP UX solutions.

Ask our UX team –

When it is about implementing a SAP UX solution in your enterprise, make sure you are making most of your SAP investments and introducing new technologies that will deliver instant value to your employees, customers and partners. We’ll help you with ‘what’ to implement and ‘how’ to implement. Ask our SAP UX consulting team.

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Mobile Technology

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Era of enterprise mobility is here – until very recently, demand for mobile devices where less about real business improvement and more about gratifying the appetites of early adopters for new toys and status symbol.

But today, increasingly, the desire for greater productivity and the need for access to business critical information are driving enterprises to look at mobility solutions as integral part of their technology strategies.

Enterprise Mobility is this new world in which business can interact in real time, from any location and from any device.

Integrating enterprise mobility in business has become imperative in order to stay competitive in the marketplace. It is also of the top strategic priorities across industries. However, high demand and opportunity through mobility solutions bring along their own set of challenges such as unavailability of the right mix of skill sets, choosing a mobility platform, managing BYOD programs. We help clients overcome these challenges through our offerings which span across the enterprise mobility adoption roadmap. We offer enterprise mobility services on the SAP Mobile Platform using both Sybase and Syclo for B2E & B2B application development, SAP UI5, mobile platform native, Hybrid app design for UX enhancement, and Afaria for device management.

Companies can leverage our technology and domain expertise to successfully implement their enterprise mobility vision. We help organizations maximize the business benefits from their investments on enterprise mobility. The key features of our SAP Mobility practice include the following:

  • Best of SAP Mobile Platform through a strong partnership with SAP as a Mobile Apps Development Partner and Mobile Apps Provider of SAP.
  • Out-of-the-box cross-industry line of business apps in the areas of sales, service, asset management, and warehouse operations.
  • Ready-to-use mobility lab for our customers for conducting PoCs and solution developments.
  • User experience enhancement using SAP’s latest UX tool set—SAP UI5 for mobile apps, mobile platform native and hybrid apps.
  • SAP RF transaction enhancements –
  • Wireless SAP console connectivity to automate devices like weighing scale & test equipment
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) applications using SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII)
  • Mobile Asset Management (MAM)
  • Mobile sales with mySAP CRM


Our Expertise in ‘In Memory Computing – HANA’ can give you the Edge you need. Following are GBSI’s Service Capabilities in SAP HANA:

  • SAP HANA Data provisioning technology including SAP LT Replication Server, Data Services, Sybase replication server.
  • Implementing SAP HANA Security including User Management, Roles, and privileges.
  • Performance tuning, System Copies and Unicode Conversions.
  • Administering, monitoring, troubleshooting, analyze and resolve technical problems.
  • Defining, designing and implementation of SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT) replication schemas in SAP HANA.
  • SAP HANA data modeling using attribute View, analytic view, and calculation view.
  • SAP HANA programming including Structured Query Language (SQL), SQL Script.
  • Proven experience with reporting including handling complex scenarios using joins, Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) and SQL.
  • SAP HANA Data Administration including managing schemas, data model objects, import/export content.
  • Experience in handling integration between multiple systems for reporting – SAP ECC, SAP Business Warehouse, Business Objects integration.

Embedded & Real Time Software


Genius BSI has a close working relationship with partners with expertise in embedded and realtime software solutions.

Our Expertise and scope encompasses the following domains:

  • Embedded applications, Embedded RTOS, Middleware and device drivers, USB for Mobile devices.
  • Protocol Decoders, Test and measurement applications, Telecom applications, Consumer devices, cellular and wireless applications.
  • Tools: VxWorks, Qt, Qtopia, Windows CE, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Wireless protocols: 802.11, IrDA, WUSB. ISDN PRI and BRI, SS7, DASS, DPNSS. Networking TCP/IP, SNMP, PPP MLP, BacNet.
Cloud Technology