How can SAP Cloud Simplify my IT Infrastructure?

With the new hi-tech, hi-definition technology-driven world progressing at the rate of a gazillion miles per hour, it is an increasingly difficult issue to stay abreast with the latest technologies and even more, invest in them for your business needs. Your ERP system can be a complex intricacy to understand if you just read about the technology in ads here and there and listen to the highlights of the latest technology webinar from your bosses. So here we are to explain to you about the latest technological advances in SAP, your trusted ERP software system, to help you make the best-educated decisions and invest without any second thoughts according to your business needs.

So, What exactly is SAP Cloud and how can it help my business and simplify my IT infrastructure? If you have this question, you already might be an IT professional, a business owner, an SAP user, or somehow related with the ERP world and obviously know about the ‘Cloud Technology’ era. But just for a short revision, let’s shed some light on what is cloud technology before we get into the SAP cloud. So, in simple terms, cloud computing means that instead of the software and hardware on your desktop, a third-party company provides the users, a service, using their own infrastructure, over the internet in a seamless fashion. So, the basic software, all the required data is stored in their servers and you just access it seamlessly through the internet on your computer to give an experience as if you are running the application on the same computer. 

Cloud Technoogy

This terminates all costs of securing data backups, time and money investments in cyber security, investments in system upgrades, etc on the user end, making the game extremely simple and worry-free for the user. So, in short, the cloud technology for ERP enables you to have an efficient ERP system to run a business and worry about the business alone, not about the hardware, servers, maintenance, system upgrades, and security issues that take your valuable time away from your business. Cloud-based services such as search engines, web-based mail services like yahoo and Google and even Google documents are some basic daily life services that you use on a regular basis.

Some typical cloud computing jargon you need to know is the classification of cloud-based services such as

  • IaaS – infrastructure as a service – Servers & Storage
  • SaaS– Software as a service- Applications & Software
  • PaaS– Platform as a service – Development platforms

With the advent of cloud technology, gone are the days where you need a temperature and moisture controlled floor, full of servers requiring a complex IT team costing thousands of dollars to maintain and manage them, to run your ERP system. SAP Cloud delivers the most agile, advanced, up-to-date SaaS & PaaS applications to help you get the best of business management software with minimal infrastructure.  With such advanced technology from SAP combined with GBSI’s quality industry experts with in-depth industry insight and strategic understanding of your business goals, you can expect unprecedented progress. Here is the SAP Cloud SaaS portfolio:

  • SAP Solutions for Human Resources                                
  • SAP Solutions for Finance        
  • SAP Solutions for Sourcing and Procurement                  
  • SAP Solutions for Sales             
  • SAP Solutions for Service 
  • SAP Solutions for Marketing
  • SAP Solutions for Commerce
  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Business One Cloud
  • SAP Lumira Cloud

With such a diverse portfolio, you can expect to run your whole business end to end with the most advanced ERP system in the world and without the hassle of a complex  IT  infrastructure. In a matter of weeks, your business can have integrated software that’s a catalyst of innovation, simplicity, efficiency, and cost savings in the following ways:

  • Always have access to the latest software upgrades and best practices.
  • Analysis and Reporting become extremely convenient as the data is centralized.
  • Processes are tightly integrated across the business – and can even be integrated with other on-premise software.
  • Upgrades are no longer your worries and happen several times a year with no involvement of your IT team.
  • IT costs are predictable, and downtime is no longer a concern.
  • Your data is protected by enterprise-grade technologies that you could never afford to duplicate.
  • IT can act as a true business enabler. And if your business needs new functionality or wants to support a new business model, IT simply requests that the requisite functionality be turned on, and it’s there. Yes, it’s that simple.
  • Even going mobile is easier, because in most cases, cloud solutions are mobile-ready. It’s time to do away with separate apps that must be created or maintained. Just run simple with one solution that does it all.

SAP Cloud definitely is the future of ERP and it might sound disruptive to migrate from your current tailored system to the cloud but the advantages far outweigh the losses.  With 20 years of SAP experience and a deep understanding of the business processes around various industry segments, GBSI consultants know exactly how to enable you with the latest ERP technology for a hassle-free, worry-free business experience.   The key is having the right expertise to translate your business needs into a clear roadmap for transforming your IT landscape. With GBSI’s expertise and quality resources you have the ability to quickly & smoothly Implement new SAP technologies and applications – no matter if the deployment scenario is on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of the two.

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