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Rare opportunity to consult directly with one of the best in the world SAP WMS expert & get a comprehensive health check of your warehousing system. Get a 360 degree cat scan of your entire WMS system to understand in detail your warehousing & distribution strengths & points of optimization.

Reduce your inventory costs, automate your inbound & outbound processes, reduce personnel error & fully optimize your warehouse space.

Trusted by some of the top Fortune 500 leaders around the world.

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Optimal Warehouse Throughput?

WMS systems can be intricate, and we understand the challenges logistics leaders face due to unoptimized warehousing systems. The absence of real-time visibility and automation in warehouse operations often escalates human errors, leading to resource wastage, missed deadlines, and heightened customer dissatisfaction.

Join us in revolutionizing your warehousing IT systems, empowering you to lead a logistics transformation with confidence and efficiency

SAP WMS Prospectrum

Get your SAP

WMS Healthscore

A Comprehensive Diagnostic Test Designed to Evaluate your current SAP WMS

Invest 45 minutes with the industry’s leading SAP EWM advisor & platinum architect. Through a series of targeted questions, we’ll evaluate your current SAP WMS. You’ll receive a comprehensive scorecard highlighting your system’s strengths and areas for improvement, setting the stage for an optimal enhancement strategy.

Discover your performance in the top 6 pillars of Warehouse Management System excellence

  • Warehouse Space Optimization
  • Personnel Productivity          Optimization
  • Warehouse Throughput Optimization
  • WM Process Automation
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation

What we do

Simplify Your SAP WMS for Dramatic Business Growth

A complex WMS system often slows logistics leaders & managers from achieving the highest performance in warehousing & distribution & can cause massive supply chain disruptions.

Empower your logistics operations with cutting-edge technology and the guidance of top-tier warehousing IT experts. Join forces with us to elevate your logistics performance to its peak potential:


Implement Modern RF Scanning & Bar Codes.


Increase Inventory Accuracy & Reduce costs


Automate Inbound & Outbound Processes


Increase realtime WM Process Visibility


Increase WM Personnel Productivity


Fully Optimize Your Warehouse Space

GBSI is a Premiere SAP Services Parnter

Get your SAP WMS Landscape evaluated by one of

The World’s top SAP Warehousing Experts

For the last 18+ years, GBSI has been helping the top Fortune 500 & Fortune 100 brands implement global SAP solutions, simplify warehousing operations & transform logistics & distribution for peak performance. As an SAP Partner, we help you simplify your SAP WMS so that you can leverage technology for dramatic business growth.

100+ SAP WM & SAP EWM Implementations:

GBSI’s successful SAP EWM implementations for Central distribution centers, regional distribution centers and local warehouses for finished goods and spare parts carrying out value added activities like packaging, Kitting, processing advanced returns in addition to dynamic inbound and outbound processing. Integrated factory warehouses supporting production lines for material staging and inbound material flow from external suppliers and other factory warehouses

30+ SAP Radio Frequency (RF) Implementations:

GBSI warehousing experts have automated warehouses with RF technology by simplifying high volume transactions and achieving at least 48% productivity gains. Our RF automation experts understand Integration technology such as ITS Mobile, all RF devices and thermal printers supported by SAP on iOS and Android and use industrial bowsers for additional functionality on RF devices.

4.9 Star Client Rating

Over the last 18+ years, we have consistently gotten repeat business from large Fortune 500 organizations which never would have been possible without us being able to deliver strong results on their SAP project requirements. We have consistently gotten 5 star reviews across the board from our esteemed SAP clients.

Download GBSI SAP EWM Case Study

Learn how GBSI helped our North American Fortune 500 client in within the automotive spare parts management domain to leverage the decentralized SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) solution for warehousing automation & optimization.

Book Your SAP WMS Health Check.

ake advantage of this rare opportunity for a comprehensive evaluation of your SAP WMS system by a platinum-level SAP WM EWM Architect. Receive a detailed WMS optimization score, assessing key areas like inbound and outbound processes, automation, and more. Gain insights into your warehousing and distribution strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Remember, effective optimization begins with precise measurement

    Trusted Around the World as the Authoritative

    SAP Warehousing Specialists:

    GBSI has been a trusted partner, across the world, for multiple Fortune 500 market leaders, as SAP WMS experts in helping them transform their logistics, distribution and warehousing systems for spectacular performance.

    GBSI SAP warehousing implementation, transformation & optimization project footprint:

    • USA
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Germany
    • France
    • Netherlands
    • UK
    • China
    • India
    • Taiwan

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    Schedule your Free SAP WMS Health Check

    Invest 45 minutes with our SAP WM EWM Advisor & Senior Platinum Architect with 26+ years of experience – answer a series of structured warehousing questions to assess your current SAP WMS landscape & your warehousing system’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Step 2.

    Get Detailed SAP WMS Scores

    Get your Custom SAP WMS scores each in 6 pillars of receiving, putaway, storage, picking, packing, shipping & returns to analyze optimization & ROI potential. This scorecard helps you know what parts of your SAP WMS are strong and where you need the most help.

    Step 3.

    Transform your Warehousing & Distribution Processes:

    Use your custom scoreboard to prioritize SAP WMS optimization to save time, costs & boost warehouse productivity for a complete logistics transformation.

    SAP Warehousing & Logistics Services

    Setup your free SAP WMS Healthcheck

    Invest 45 min with GBSI’s top SAP Warehousing advisor & platinum architect to get your SAP WMS evaluated & scored.


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