Simplify Product Design & Development using Custom Built Apps for PTC Creo

Today’s Manufacturing & OEM leaders understand the importance of leveraging technology for enhanced productivity. When it comes to building great products, leaders realize that design is the most important “feature.” We’ve evolved to a stage where just product functional performance is not enough. Product design is what sets companies apart and gives a real edge over competitors.

Product design and development today has evolved to be a highly collaborative process involving multiple teams including engineers, designers, developers, product managers, program managers, marketing managers, project managers, etc.

With such a complex process involving multiple teams and individuals, how can OEMs boost product development productivity to automate workflows, simplify tasks & processes and eliminate iterative steps to help boost innovation and bring brilliant ideas to life, faster?

The answer is – developing simple, reliable apps within your engineering design solutions to enable engineering & product development users with faster, simpler, productive tools. Within PTC Creo, you can leverage the PTC Creo Object Toolkit to develop the apps.

 What is Creo Object Toolkit?

Creo Object TOOLKIT C++ is the customization toolkit for Creo Parametric and Creo Direct. Customers and partners can expand the capabilities of Creo Parametric and Creo Direct by writing C++ programming language code using Creo Object TOOLKIT C++ and then seamlessly integrating the resulting application into Creo. PTC provides new releases of Creo Object TOOLKIT C++ concurrently with releases of Creo Parametric and Creo Direct.

What Can You Do with Creo Object TOOLKIT C++?

With Creo Object TOOLKIT C++ you can:

  • Develop customizations for both Creo Parametric and Creo Direct
  • Automate modeling for derived or single-use models driven by geometric or parametric constraints
  • Monitor the state of the user’s interactive session to enforce company rules or offer design advice
  • Integrate external applications requiring access to Creo Parametric and Creo Direct data or operations
  • Extend the Creo Parametric and Creo Direct user interface with custom processes seamlessly embedded into the interface
  • Automate tedious or difficult Creo Parametric and Creo Direct operations with applications designed to save design time and prevent mistakes.
  • Create processes to run automatically without a user interface on demand or at designated times

Possible Applications for enhancing engineering productivity using PTC Creo Object Toolkit

  • Modify tolerance Tool: Tolerances are used on nearly every CAD Drawing object to communicate tolerance information to internal and external contributors. This tool can be built to bring a way to interact with tolerance parameters at the Creo model level. Application will set the tolerances at the model level and displaying those tolerances on the drawing object. This can help save time and effort on tolerance modification for engineers and designers.
  • Copy-Paste Functionality Tool: This tool can help members that work on large drawing tables to be more efficient via easier copy pasting of data.
  • BOM Table Export Tool: The BOM- Bill of Material table is an extremely important set of data for the model design and drawing which gives vital information to multiple stakeholders in the product design, development and manufacturing teams. The main purpose of this tool will be to write out a text file of the BOM on the drawing being worked on. The location of the file is configurable, but the name of the file will be the same as the name of the drawing except it can have an extension as specified in the configuration file.
  • Find-Replace Tool: There can be situations where during a renaming or reconfiguration, a certain text needs to be replaced with another. This tool helps find and replaces the drawing table object. This tool would look for a term and replace it with a desired term in the table cell.
  • Export PDF Tool: An engineering design or a model needs to shared for multiple reviews and for other applications with teams within the enterprise. A quick export of the Creo model to PDF or other formats enables users with a swift and simple way to share the design with other team members who do not have easy access to Creo. This tool assists users to quickly convert CREO designs and models to a PDF file for simplification of sharing and viewing of drawings. Large scale PDF export can also be possible. The tool can also convert the files into other formats including dxf, medusa, step, iges, dwg, stenho, cgm and tiff format.

Genius Business Solutions’s Custom Application Development Services can help you design and develop simple, reliable tools and applications for your enterprise needs. Leverage our services to simplify workflows, automate repetitive steps and boost user interface and user experience for enhanced productivity. We are proudly a part of the PTC Partner Network for PTC Windchill, PTC Creo Services and PTC Service Lifecylce Management product portfolio.

Contact us today to leverage our expertise Creo Object Toolkit to build tools for enhancing engineering productivity. We can share customer success stories where GBSI built PTC Creo Object Tookit apps have improved engineering productivity by more than 20%. We can also showcase how our onsite/offshore services can help you dramatically save on costs without compromising on quality.

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