Top 12 SAP Transaction Codes (T-Codes) for SAP Fiori/ UI5/ Gateway Development

In today’s world of increasing complexity and ever mounting work load, it is very important to know and understand ways which can help reduce number of steps and save the developer’s time and effort.

SAP transaction codes are quick shortcuts to access any tasks within the system for easy access.

Each function in the SAP system has a transaction code associated with it. A transaction code consists of letters, numbers, or both. You enter transaction codes in the command field. You use a transaction code to go to any task in an SAP application faster. By entering a transaction code instead of using the menu, you go to a task and start the function in a single step.

Knowing the right transaction at the right time makes a developer’s job easy and saves valuable time and repetitive work.

Here is a list of very frequently used transactions in Fiori/UI5 application development that every functional/technical developer should know and keep handy.

Feel free to let us know if you know any important transactions in the comments, and we will update the list.

/UI2/FLPSAP Fiori Launchpad Configuration
/UI2/FLPD_CONFFiori Launchpad Designer — Cross Client Specific
/UI2/FLPD_CUSTFiori Launchpad Designer — Client Specific
SEGWOdata Service Create
/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICEOdata Service Registration
/IWFND/GW_CLIENTOdata Service Test
/IWFND/ERROR_LOGOdata Service Error Log
/IWFND/TRACESOdata Service Traces
/IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUPCleanup Gateway Metadata Cache
PFCGConfigure PFCG Role
SICFFiori/UI5 App Activation
/UI2/SEMOBJMaintain Semantic Objects
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