The Power of SAP Screen Personas

SAP has over 300,000 individual user interface screens, most of which were designed 15 or 20 years ago with more focus on functionality delivery rather thoughts around data flows and user experiences. By enriching the core functionality, SAP ended up with more and more screen with numerous tabs crowded with many screen elements in order to complete the transaction.

But in the age consumerization of user experience, SAP conventional screens look prehistoric. These market dynamics and demand for more focused user experience motivated SAP to revamp their user experience strategy. Two main tools that SAP offered to move UI into modern paradigm are ‘Fiori’ and ‘Screen Personas’.

SAP Screen Personas is a tool that falls into ‘ENABLE’ part of SAP’s ‘NEW/RENEW/ENABLE’ UX Strategy and more of a tool that delivers the ‘long tail’ of less core screens. It enables customers to deconstruct conventional dynpro screens and personalized it for more focused persona specific operations.

Personas works on:

SAP GUI (Dynpro screens on Windows, Mac desktops or Windows 8 tablet)

Core Technical Requirements:

  • Unicode
  • NetWeaver 7.40 SP3 BASIS or later
  • Kernel 7.42 or newer
  • SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP2 add-on (No additional cost)

Screen Personas Components:

  • SAP NetWeaver ABAP Basis
  • ITS
  • Personas Add-on on server


  • Happy Users
  • Improved business users productivity
  • Only required and relevant screen elements displayed on screen
  • Screenflow, according to user persona i.e user’s way of working
  • Increased user satisfaction
    • Simplified screens with pr-fielded fields, pull down menus
    • Automated repetitive tasks
  • Reduced implementation and training cost
  • Implementation
    • Business user can create or personalized simple screens
    • IT can implement complex scenarios and screens
  • End user training
    • Simplified and focused screens minimize or even eliminate need of end user training

Key capabilities:

  • Fast and cost-effective customization without any programming
  • Customize SAP screens in WYSISWYG way, with your web browser
  • Branding and theming support
  • Scripting support for advanced and more complex scenarios
  • Reduce the number of screens
  • Eliminate unnecessary screen elements
  • Remove buttons that are not required
  • Streamline navigations to multiple screens
  • Exclude unnecessary functionality
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Deliver a user experience that is optimized for a specific task


What can be done with this tool? –

  • Create flavors for transaction or business process
  • Role based flavor assignments
  • Replace text/update
  • Hide/rearrange data fields
  • Add images
  • Embed multimedia contents
  • Hide/combine tabs
  • Add text/notes
  • Create themes for branding
  • Scripting for complex scenarios
  • Translation


  • It does not work for SAP CRM and SRM systems which incorporate different screen rendering technology
  • It does not support mobile devices
  • Personas screens are not responsive


GBSI Services for Screen Personas:

We offer our UX consulting services that can help you with:

  • Identifying your strategy/roadmap for SAP Screen Personas adoption
  • Discovering and assesing cases for screen personas
  • Designing and creating preliminary prototypes to get evaluated for value propositions
  • Developing and delivering actual solutions

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